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Morning Session: Nick Moucha - "What the F&(% am I doing? And the other F word"

Location: Cube Coworking

Host: Nick Moucha

Sponsor: TBD

Eventbrite - GEW 2014: Nick Moucha "What the F*ck Am I Doing"

Have you felt stuck in life? Are you not wanting that job everyone says is perfect? Are you in business for your self and people tell you to give up? Maybe questions of 'Why don't you get a real job?', 'Why can you stay in a comfortable job or place?' haunt you as you pioneer that path in life for yourself or as you forage for the fruits of life in business on your own. 

What the F*ck am I doing is a segment focused on defining what you may feel is the undefined, working through the comments and questions of friends and relatives, getting your self out of the doldrums and regaining strength to start or restart, and beat down that self doubt.